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Support the club: Volunteer!

The Mount Baker Bicycle Club is a 100% volunteer-operated club. All of our events, projects, rides, services, community activities etc. happen due to the efforts of volunteer club members. For the club to function and to continue functioning, we depend on new volunteers stepping up every year.

We often have specific events we need help with, and we always need people to support ongoing club projects. Take a look at our current needs and contact our volunteer coordinator Carol Spano ( if you can help out!

MBBC Board Members

The MBBC board has a number of members who have served for many years. Some of them will be stepping back at the end of 2019. The club is therefore looking for new board members, and specifically for people who are willing to take on some of the club's more critical roles.

The following positions will be vacated as of the beginning of January 2020. Current board members will fill these roles until then, but it would be most advantageous if new board members could step in early, thereby getting some guidance and training from existing board members this year.


Duties of the President include (but are not limited to):
  • Planning, calling, and leading board meetings
  • Overseeing various club initiatives and projects by checking on status, ensuring projects are being managed
  • Represents MBBC with partner clubs
  • Represents MBBC to sponsors
  • Represents MBBC with the city
Full description of responsibilities of MBBC president is listed in this Volunteer-Needs Document (PDF file - click to download).


MBBC welcomes our new treasurer Bunny Finch, who will begin her duties in 2020!
Duties of the Treasurer include (but are not limited to):
  • Manage MBBC bank account
  • Maintain MBBC annual payments and forms (including tax returns)
  • Quarterly and annual reports to MBBC board
  • Report budget expectations at beginning of each year
  • Reconcile monthly bank accounts
  • Collect and pay MBBC bills throughout the year.
  • Collect mail from the MBBC PO Boxr
  • Manage financial reports and auto-payments from website provider.
  • Audit monthly auto-pays taken by website provider and follow-up with discrepancies.
Full description of responsibilities of MBBC treasurer is listed in this Volunteer-Needs Document (PDF file - click to download).


MBBC welcomes new Membership administrator David Dean, who begins in January 2020. A secretary is still needed to join the board.

Duties of the Secretary include (but are not limited to):
  • Record notes/minutes of MBBC board meetings and keep archives
  • Maintain status list of ongoing MBBC projects and reminding project leaders of commitments
  • Manage club membership registration system - online and paper mail-in.
  • Supplying membership database to partner clubs and MBBC members-only events when requested
Full description of responsibilities of MBBC secretary/membership is listed in this Volunteer-Needs Document (PDF file - click to download)


MBBC welcomes new website administrator David Cohn, who will take over in January 2020. More volunteers are still needed to notify David of website updates as new events and information need to be posted.

There are many communications duties necessary to keep club members informed about rides and activities. Communications duties may be divided amongst a committee or done by one or two people.
  • Website administration: updates, maintenance, design of new pages when necessary
  • Enter new events on website calendar and update events/rides web pages
  • Monthly information email to membership
  • Social Media updates
  • ClubExpress member forum
  • Chuckanut Classic registration and website support
Full description of roles filled by MBBC communications volunteers is listed in this Volunteer-Needs Document (PDF file - click to download)

Committed board members needed

Volunteers are needed to ensure the MBBC continues functioning.  A commitment of at least one full year is requested. New board members will need to make the time to fulfill the duties of their roles. Questions about roles, duties, and time commitment can be answered by various board members. Please contact Carol Spano, our volunteer coordinator: She will put you in touch with the correct people on the board to explain more details.