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Mount Baker Bicycle Club

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Weekly Club Rides


All are welcome on weekly rides. Read the ride descriptions below and contact the ride leader to determine if the ride is the right level for your ability. Check for seasonal start times and also make sure of the ride schedule in the winter. Some rides go in summer only, many go all year round!

There are many more group rides in spring/summer/fall. Overwinter we have fewer rides but we encourage everyone to put on your cold weather gear and get out to ride! Starting in March and April, the spring and summer rides begin appearing back on the schedule.

On winter and rainy rides, please do everyone a favor and put fenders on. Also: be careful around corners and watch for icy patches. Riders under age 18 are asked to contact the ride leader before your first ride. A parent must accompany you to your first ride start to sign a parental consent waiver. See the MBBC Ride Waiver here.


What's a Club Ride?

Mount Baker Bike Club rides are led by Ride Leaders, are sponsored and insured by the club, and are open to everyone to check out the ride - including non-members. Club members and first-time guests are covered by League of American Bicyclist’s liability policy, carried by the Mount Baker Bicycle Club.

I'm not a member. Can I come on a club ride?

Yes! A Hold-Harmless Ride Waiver must be signed prior to participating on an MBBC Club Ride.

We ask after riding your first ride that you decide whether you’d like to continue riding with the club, and if so, please join! See Our Membership Page for more about MBBC membership.


Can a club member organize a ride?

Yes, club members can post any ride they want to open to others to our Events calendar. If you're not sure how, contact

Member-posted rides are not covered by our insurance policy. We offer the ride-posting feature to help our members to communicate with each other.

We encourage members who like to organize rides to consider becoming a Ride Leader so we can provide full supervision and sponsorship of the rides. Then we can offer the benefit of insurance to the riders on those rides and advertise them widely for the greatest participation. It makes our club more interesting and vibrant!


Tuesday Evening Summer Ride

This "Ramp Up" Skills Development Ride starts at the Whatcom Community College northeast parking lot, meet at 5:45 p.m., leave at 6 p.m.* Tuesday RidesCheck the Event Calendar for a specific ride - some are called off due to weather, and the departure time can change in the fall.

The speed and route will vary by each group's ride leaders. Initially riders will be grouped by ability and average speed. Speed groups: 14-16 mph, 16-18 mph, and 18+) Distance 15 to 20 miles. Ride focus on skills necessary to ride in groups. We will concentrate on safe riding practices, pace-line skills, how to overtake other riders and pass them in a safe manner, and how to deal with traffic.

Information: Doug Schoonover and Hilary Higgins. Approximate Route Map here. Tuesday ride begins in April goes until September each year. Check our calendar for scheduled rides.


Wednesday Winter Trail Ride

A fall and winter it's a trail ride with lights! Light are important. Don't come without lights... We take to trails toward the end of September or mid-October each year.

Wednesday rides

Meet at 5:45 p.m., leave at 6 p.m. from the Depot Market parking lot on Railroad Ave, across from Boundary Bay Brewery. Winter trail ride group stays together on the trails. Rides are 75-90 minutes at a moderate pace. Road tires maybe not the best for this ride. Some folks bring their old steel mountain bikes of yore - all bikes that are trail worthy should be fine. Check the event calendar to see when the fall-winter trail ride kicks off. Did we mention...bring lights!


Thursdays from Trackside

Meet up across from the Granary building at 6 p.m.* and take off to explore great cycling routes right here in Bellingham. Check the Event Calendar for a specific Thursday to get the route. *NOTE: Fall departure time is earlier. Check the Event Calendar. A casual 90-minute group ride of 18-22 miles with varying routes. Expect to share the roads with other users, and return to Trackside for some socializing and refreshment. Details of the Thursdays from Trackside Ride.

PAUSED Thursday Going Up the County Ride

The Up-County is a convenient ride for our growing group of club members up in the county: Everson, Nooksack, Deming, Lynden etc.
thursday rides

Even if you don't live up-county, all are welcome to join this MBBC ride to explore some county roads you may not yet be familiar with. 16-18 mph pace, 20 miles. 6pm start. Starting location: Riverside Park in Everson. The ride runs from April approximately into September every year. We are currently seeking ride leaders for this group. If you are interested, please email

Other Weekly Rides in Bellingham


These are weekly rides not sponsored nor insured by the MBBC, but also open to everyone to try out. For more information, contact ride leaders: names listed under each ride.

Sunday Fairhaven “Rabbit Ride”

The Rabbit Ride has been going on every Sunday of since 2011. Start time 7:45 a.m. (8:15 am over winter).

Riders who ride slower than 16 mph should be ready to ride right at 7:45 a.m. in summer (8:15 a.m. in winter). The Rabbit Ride departs from in front of Fairhaven Bikes at 1108 11th St, Bellingham. Important: Fairhaven Bikes does not organize the ride, nor do they information about it. It's just the rally point for the start of the ride.

32-mile route down Chuckanut Drive and back via Lake Samish. Small groups of similarly-paced riders begin leaving at the start time, with faster groups departing every 5 minutes thereafter. Fastest riders will leave about 8:30 a.m.

When a faster group passes yours, you have the opportunity to try to jump on a wheel and hang on, or stay with your group. This is intended to be a fitness ride and you’re encouraged to push yourself. Like the Hot Laps and the Donut Ride, these are self-organized (or disorganized) rides that are managed by the people that show up to ride. Try to bring friends or encourage them to show up. Sometimes it might be two people, especially if the weather is bad. When the weather is good, it could be dozens.

Tuesday Hot Laps

Tuesday "Hot Laps" - race course training, summer only. 30-40 miles, race pace. Training ride departs from Trek Bicycles Bellingham at Cornwall and Chestnut at 6 p.m. to a practice road race course. Summer months only. Check at Trek to find out when the ride starts/stops each season.

The Donut


Saturday Donut Ride: 25 to 50 miles, brisk pace, departs from Trek Bellingham at Cornwall and Chestnut, 7:30 a.m. October through February, and 7 a.m. March through September.

Goes to Ferndale and return, or if you wish continue to Birch Bay and return. Get your weekend miles behind you before most people get out of bed on Saturday! This ride has been a Bellingham tradition forever. Every week of the year, rain or shine.

Local lore has it that this ride used to actually include eating donuts, but the donut shop closed. Better bring your own donut in your jersey.

Like the Hot Laps and the Rabbit Ride, the Donut is a self-organized (or disorganized) ride that is managed by the people that show up to ride. Try to bring friends or encourage them to show up. Sometimes it might be two people, especially if the weather is bad. When the weather is good, it can be dozens.

Recumbent Ride

Saturday Recumbent Ride: The recumbent ride isn't currently an organized or recurring event, but we'd love to help get going. Contact if you're interested. MBBC members can start the conversation in the member Forums.