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Local Routes in Bellingham/Whatcom/Skagit vicinity


Some of the MBBC’s popular routes around Whatcom and Skagit counties are listed here. Click on the route name to get the PDF file with the printed map and cue sheet. These are good routes to try on your own or with a group if you want to explore the area.


Regular weekly group rides, as well as yearly ride events, are listed in on the Events Calendar Page and Weekly Rides Page.


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Local Routes

  • Casual In-Town Coffeeshop Crawl 6 miles, loop through town, touring Bellingham's new bike facilities with 4 Woods Coffee locations for the optional stop.
  • Fairhaven Jaunt. 7 miles, start/end at Fairhaven Village Green. Half pavement, half trails. Lots of opportunities for stops.
  • Short North Loop. 15 or 20 miles, starting/ending at WCC NW parking lot. Clockwise or counterclockwise loop on Northwest and Aldridge. 400 ft elevation gain, highest point 195 ft. This is the regular route for the MBBC Tuesday evening summer ride.
  • Lake Samish Short Loop. 21 miles, start Boulevard Park,Chuckanut to Old Samish Rd, around Lake Samish, return past Lake Padden then down the stairsteps. Elevation gain: 1400 ft, highest point 725 ft.
  • The Colony Loop. 35 miles from Downtown and back. Can do the loop in either direction, this map shows clockwise. Chuckanut to Old Samish, around the lake and south toward Alger. Turn onto Colony Road and follow to Chuckanut, back up Chuckanut into Fairhaven. Elevation gain: 2152 ft. Highest point 616 ft.
  • Flat north jaunt. 30 miles, leave Bellingham via Northwest to Aldridge, west on Pole Rd, south on NW, into Ferndale on Paradise, S on LaBounty then across Slater and south on Rural to return via Marine Drive.
  • Red River Road. 34 miles, starting at Boulevard Park in Fairhaven, leave Bellingham via Marine north on Ferndale Road, brief west on Slater (careful!) then south on Red River Road as it meanders along the Lummi River through the Lummi Nation. North on Lake Terrell Road, back into Ferndale on Douglas, then back into Bellingham via Northwest.
  • Lake Terrell. 35 miles, leave Bellingham via Marine, north on Ferndale Road, jog west to Lake Terrell Road, then north to the lake. Turn around at Lake Terrell Park. Return to Ferndale via Douglas, back to Bellingham via Hovander to Smith, Smith to Northwest. Elevation gain 1018 ft, maximum elevation 261 ft.
  • Two hilly south routes into Skagit County, both return to Bellingham through Sudden Valley on the southwest side of Lake Whatcom. Note: S Lake Whatcom Blvd, between Cain Lake Road and Sudden Valley, is narrow, hilly, and with minimal shoulder. Ride single file and be aware of traffic.Route 1: 40 miles, elevation gain 2054 ft, highest point 518 ft.
  • Route 2: 33 miles, elevation gain 1800 ft, highest point 574 ft.

Local routes, continued

  • Lake Samish to Donovan Park to Prairie Rd. 40 miles starting/ending at Boulevard Park, Elevation gain: 1825 ft, highest point 574 ft.
  • Lynden Loop. 46 miles, Out and back on Northwest. Lynden, Ferndale. Elevation gain: 1000 ft, highest point 205 ft.
  • Lummi Island Out and Back. 47 miles from Boulevard Park. Includes ferry ride.
  • Birch Bay via Ferndale and Vista. 47 miles, north on Northwest, into Ferndale on Smith Rd, up Vista Drive and west on Bay Road to Birch Bay. Return via Grandview and Kickerville, Douglas to Ferndale, LaBounty to Rural Rd and into Bellingham via Marine. Elevation gain 1542 ft, highest point 281 ft.
  • Chuckanut to Skagit Flats. 50 miles, down Chuckanut, loop through Skagit County down Worline, Ershig, Avon Allen, Peterson, Josh Wilson, back up on Bayview Edison Road, then return up Chuckanut. Elevation gain: 2418 ft, highest point 319 ft.
  • Chuckanut and Samish Island. 54 miles. start Boulevard Park, down Chuckanut, through Edison and loop around Samish Island. Back up Bow Hill Road and down to Hwy 9, then climb out of Lake Samish, down Old Samish Road, up and over 32nd St (the roller coaster) and back to Blvd Park. Elevation gain: 2756 ft, highest point 616 ft.
  • Lynden Loop with Everson Spur. 57 miles, variation of Lynden rides with spur further east to Everson then north and across back into Lynden. Elevation gain 1040 ft, highest point 205 ft.
  • Woods Coffeeshop Crawl. 60 miles, loop through Bellingham, Lynden, Birch Bay, Ferndale. All 15 Whatcom County Woods Coffeeshops.
  • North County Loop. 63 miles, north on Northwest, jog through Ferndale, continue north on Enterprise, west to Blaine/Birch Bay, return on Kickerville, back into Bellingham on Marine Dr. Elevation gain: 1460 ft, highest point 270 ft.
  • 65-mile South Loop. 65 miles, ~2500 ft elevation gain, highest point 460 ft. Loop through Skagit County via Avon Allen, Josh Wilson, back up on Bayview Edison, around Samish Island, return up Bow Hill Road, around Lake Samish, then final climb up 30th Street to do "the roller coaster" down to Fairhaven Parkway.
  • North Loop with Lummi Peninsula 67 miles, similar to 63-mile north loop above but with spur through the Lummi Peninsula.
  • Matt's Long Route To Blaine. 75 miles, leave Bellingham via Lake Whatcom North Shore, north on Noon Rd, through Lynden then west, turning north to H Street. Climb over Valley View before dropping down into Blaine. Return through Birch Bay and skirt around Ferndale. 74 miles, 2388 ft climbing.
  • Bill's Hills of Bellingham. 100 miles and 10,000+ ft of climbing around Bellingham. For the serious lunatics only!